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EVA & MEA create pretty pieces of hand stamped jewellery for you to wear.

I started this little venture a few years back, I had a hammer, a few metal stamps and an idea and in early 2013 this idea turned in to EVA & MEA.  We are a modern twist to an existing hand stamped industry, what’s not to love about being able to wear the cutest little pieces with your own words or initials on them?


This brings me to my next love, stainless steel.  The main material I use and love!!!  I do use other metals too but I have seriously grown to love and appreciate this strong metal, yes I know I’m talking about a metal hehe.  


But what’s not to love about steel, its hypo-allergenic which means anyone with allergies can wear it, it won’t tarnish (ever) and all it needs is a clean now and then.  Low maintenance at its best.


Stainless steel is not a highly talked about metal when it comes to jewellery, but let me assure you it’s one of the best, I wear my pieces pretty much all day every day and don't think twice about it.


All pieces are handmade, including the chains, by me and I’m also your point of contact no one else.  So when you hear from me it’s me.  I’m also a mum of two little twin girls who’s middles names are the creation behind my branding.


I hope you love EVA & MEA designs as much I do xxx


Desi – EVA & MEA